Early Childhood Music Classes

for Families, Schools, & Daycares 

in the Cedar Rapids Area.

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Family Music Class

Sing, play, laugh, move,  & bond with your baby – preschooler.

Preschool & Daycares

Offer Music on the Move classes at YOUR preschool or daycare!

Party with Music on the Move

Celebrate your child’s birthday or other event with Music on the Move!

Baby Sing & Sign

Sign language, play, and music for you and your hearing baby!

Give the Gift of Music!

Music Classes make the perfect gift of learning and fun. 

Send a gift instantly by clicking below. You can also schedule the gift to be sent at a later date. Contact Lisa if you would like a custom gift package with a gift certificate and an instrument. 

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Spring Baby Sing & Sign

Spring Baby Sing & Sign

Baby Sing and Sign is equal parts sign language, play, and music. This four-week course will teach you basic sign language to communicate with your hearing baby or toddler.  Spring 2018 Baby Sing & Sign Signing with your baby works! Research has proven that signing...

Snow Songs

Snow Songs

I'm sorry Iowa friends - I fear the snow is all my fault!  I logged into my website to find this... an un-published blog post full of snow songs!!  Since we are covered in snow today, on March 24, I guess you might as well sing some snow songs!!It Is Snowing Sung to...