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Baby Sing and Sign Summer 2017

Registration is required for this course.
You may pay online or at the first class.

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Baby Sing and Sign

is back for Summer 2017!!

Registration is required for Baby Sing and Sign Summer 2017.  You may pay online or at the first class.

Reduce Frustration!

Reduce Crying! (Really!!)

Increase Communication!

Baby Sing and Sign is equal parts sign language, play, and music. This course is designed to help you communicate with your baby or toddler. You will learn a vocabulary of commonly used signs (foods, animals, people), songs to reinforce the signs, and practice using your signs (with support if you wish) with your baby.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to communicate with your baby!

Baby Sing & Sign is a 4 week course. Wednesdays at 9:15 am on July 19, July 26, August 2, and August 9. (Sorry, no refunds for missed dates. I am happy to offer you the materials for the full course and tips on what you missed.)

A personal note from Lisa…

I learned to really LOVE sign language when my twins were babies. Like many twins, they were late to talk. Thankfully, I had invested the time to teach them signs!! My kids were both signing sentences before they spoke their first word. I left lists of signs & pictures with my babysitters. (Yes, I may have been that mom… but I didn’t want my sitters to endure to crying when they didn’t understand what the kids were saying!) Many frustrations were thwarted when I was able to deliver grapes when they would ask for “more grapes please”.

Today, my twins are quickly approaching 9 years old. (What?!!!!) They are happily speaking in full sentences with an impressive vocabulary –  no signs needed. 🙂  They don’t really remember most of their signs, but thankfully I do.  I am looking forward to teaching you how to use signs with your baby too! Remember, registeration is required for this course.