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Gregory Griggs – Traditional poem turned baby bounce!

I include a baby bounce in every Music on the Move Family Class. Baby bounces, also known as knee bounces or horsey rides, are a wonderful way to bond with your little one (or not so little one – my 8 year olds still love them at times). It seems that grandparents are famous for making the little ones giggle on their knee.  Thankfully bounces can be done on the floor, as we do in class, or while sitting on a chair. Sitting in a chair gives ample opportunity to dip baby down through the knees – or tip the bigger kids backwards and upside down! I hope you enjoy Gregory Griggs as a bounce at Home!

Gregory Griggs

Gregory Griggs – Poem

Gregory Griggs, Gregory Griggs
Had forty-seven different wigs.

He wore them up, He wore them down,
To please the people of Boston town.

He wore them east, He wore them west
But he could never tell which he loved best.

I found a wonderful modification of this poem from the lovely librarians at Jbrary. It’s a favorite at music class. I hope you will enjoy it at home!

Gregory Griggs – Modified for Baby Bounce

Gregory Griggs, Gregory Griggs
Had 27 different wigs
He wore them up           (lift baby up)
He wore them down       (bring baby back down)
To please the people of the town.
He wore them east         (tip baby to one side)
He wore them west         (tip baby to the other side)
But which one did he love the best?
This one!                       (hug & tickle baby)