It’s crowded in here!

If you have been to a Thursday or Saturday Family Music Class in recent weeks, you might have noticed that seats are limited! This is a good problem for Music on the Move, but one that needs to be addressed before parents are sitting on top of each other! 🙂

Thankfully, you can now reserve your seat with Schedulicity.  You may have used this online tool with your hairdresser or yoga class. Now you can reserve your seat for Family Music Class!

How do I get started?

  1.  Visit the Family Music Class page.
  2. If you have never attended a class, fill out the registration form
  3. Then head down to theSchedule Your Class section.
  4. If you have never used Schedulicity, you will need to create an account to finish booking your class.  It is quick, easy, and free!


With the new system, you can pay online at the same time you book your class! Your spot is held, so you are guaranteed a seat at class. Schedulicity will save your card number so it is easier and faster to book in the future.

What about my Punch Card?

If you had a paper punch card, you now have a 4-Class package added to your schedulicity account! When you book a class, you will see a “Package on File” message.

Click “Book It” and you are all done.  You will not need to enter your credit card.