I’m sorry Iowa friends – I fear the snow is all my fault!  I logged into my website to find this… an un-published blog post full of snow songs!!  Since we are covered in snow today, on March 24, I guess you might as well sing some snow songs!!

It Is Snowing

Sung to “Frere Jacques

It is snowing, it is snowing,
All around, all around
Soft and quiet snowflakes
Soft and quiet snowflakes
Not a sound, not a sound.

5 Snowman Chant / Fingerplay

Five little snowmen On a winter’s day
The first one said Wake up so we can play
The second one said Let’s stomp on the ground
The third one said Let’s roll around
The fourth one said Let’s run and run and run
The fifth one said I’m afraid I feel the sun
Oh Dear, cried the snowmen As they looked toward the sky
And the five melting snowmen Waved good-bye


(tune of twinkle twinkle)

Snowflakes snowflakes all around        (hands twinkle down like snow)
In the air and on the ground                   (Reach up, then down)
Some are big and some are small         (Stretch BIG, then small)
Roll them into a snowball                         (Roll arms)
When the sun comes out to play           (make a sun with your arms)
Watch as they all melt a-way                  (melt to the ground!)